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Hamid Ansari’s Islamist face has been exposed

India is a secular country but secularism is expected only from Hindus. It has been proved not once but many times. The same secular country placed individuals from other religions in top positions, but in the end, many of them…

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The BBC corrected the mistake and then apologized

 editrola-22-jan2021 Recently the BBC once again came under controversy when it misrepresented the map of India in its program to discuss Biden as the new new US President. But surprisingly, he also apologized on the subject, and removed the objectionable…

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Magical Journalism Till Date, Killing Priest Was Self-Immolation

The shameless journalism has once again been seen in Rajasthan in the murder of priest . Aaj Tak first described the killing of the priest as self-immolation and then made Prime Minister Modi feel free for it. Aaj Takdefended the Congress government of Rajasthan in this murder case,…

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