If shooting in Punjab, then shout slogans in our support, Fiji farmers threaten Bollywood


Apart from the interest of the farmers, everything is being debated in this fake movement. People are spreading chaos in the name of the farmers movement, a new color is coming out every day, which is getting the reputation of the real farmers in the soil. These people have already broken the talk of the government and the laws but now they have started threatening Bollywood as well, due to which actress Jahnavi Kapoor was forced to post in support of the farmer.
The farmers clearly say that if we want to shoot in Punjab, then support us first, which is objectionable. Actress Janhvi Kapoor, who was shooting for Bassi Pathanan in Punjab, had to contend with the ongoing farmers’ agitation in Punjab and was heavily criticized. The farmers deliberately halted the shooting of his film. The youth belonging to the peasant movement reached out and protested against the agricultural laws, shouting slogans against the central government and Bollywood. After this, the people shooting the film had to say that we are with the farmers.
Kasan leaders are angry with Bollywood that their movement is not getting any support from Bollywood. In this case, the farmer leaders criticized the shooting and said, “All the actors and actors of Punjabi industry are supporting the Kisan movement, but the Balibud artists come to Punjab to shoot their films, but in favor of Kisan movement Not even once said anything. This is why they are angry. ” He said, “As long as these artists do not support the movement, they will be opposed in the same way.
“Police was active in explaining the entire staff to the farmers, but to no avail, after which Jahnavi Kapoor posted a status on the social media account in favor of the farmers, then the shooting work started again, and the resentment of the people It got clear. One thing became clear from this whole episode that now the issue of farmers is no longer only on those agricultural bills, these chaotic people are setting fire to protest in everything and subject matter.
This is the reason that Khalistani supporters are fully present in the farmers’ movement. The image of farmers is getting wired. In the same episode, now these people are also targeting Bollywood, due to which the economy of Punjab will be damaged, but the so-called farmers or, they are simply meant by chaos. Bollywood is full of Punjabi artists. In such a situation, the attitude of the farmers will be a problem for them, because the people of the country can take Bollywood for this.

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