Farooq and Congress are competing to stand with China

20 oct 2020

Today’s news is that Indian businessmen gave 40 thousand crores injury to China, Chinese goods did not buy for Diwali. Recently, Farooq Abdullah had said in an interview to famous journalist Karan Thapar that Kashmiris do not feel Indians like Chinese rule. Similarly, Chinese devotees have started appearing since 2008 when Rahul Gandhi signed a rouge on behalf of the Congress with the Communist Party of China, ie the government there. Events are telling that Congress and Farooq Abdullah Hasin are dreaming to re-introduce Article 370 with the help of China. That is, both are telling the developments of the Modi government that they are taking the side of China in the same way as their defense minister Krishnemann and the communist parties in Nehrukal were trying to create an atmosphere in favor of China even during the 1962 war.
Let me tell you that seven crore merchants all over the country associated with CAT had boycotted Chinese Rakhi on Rakshabandhan, sold Indian made Rakhi, there is anger all over the country after China’s cowardice.
According to News Nation, there is no shortage of goods sold on Diwali in Nehru Place but these goods are made not of China but of Hindustan, let us tell you that Nehru Place in Delhi is one of the largest electronic markets in Asia. . This time, Chinese goods are absent in this market and Indian goods are dominated by Modi government policy and strong intentions of Indians have made Make in India dominate Made in China, it will also provide employment to people and economically in China. Will break even.
A report by US-based Breitbart News stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the leader of the global fight to end the Chinese Communist Party’s monopoly on manufacturing, a role now mostly played by United States President Donald Trump Has been emptied.
Modi becomes the biggest global competitor for China
According to media reports, India left China and started offering competitive deals to international companies wishing to build reliable factories elsewhere. A week later, Christianity announced that it would move a large part of its production from China to China.
The incident last week overtook the Indian outlets, when Indian troops found a border between India and China in the Ladakh region of the Line of Actual (Actual) Line of Control (Ladakh), that the People’s Liberation Army troops occupied Indian territory Built a tent in In what is known as the Galvan Valley, PLA soldiers attacked with the said sticks as well as rocks and other rudimentary weapons.
Twenty soldiers of India were martyred in that attack. But these martyrs also killed 50 Chinese soldiers and one of their commanders.
Boycott of China-made products
Indian citizens, many supporters of Modi, burnt effigies of Chinese President Xi Jinping and launched an online “challenge”, where participants themselves dumped China-made products into the trash.
Chinese state media has categorically claimed that, with its economic dominance complete, the boycott of China is a “suicidal” mission, but India has become the world’s first major nation to prove Beijing wrong.
Meanwhile, the Confederation of All India Traders (Hristha), a merchant group, has advocated for some of India’s more merchants to help boycott Chinese products by manufacturing more commodities in India.
The government has mandated “country labels” on products sold on its official government e-marketplace. Some media houses further explained that not only Chinese goods at ports in India, but also Chinese manufactured goods like American companies are preventing them from entering the country.
The Galvan Valley massacre has completely challenged China’s economic dominance that many Americans voted for in 2016 when Trump was elected. “Indian support for boycott on China and a bold government response to Beijing indicate American sentiment.” Cachmagdbahladddahmhl heart 2 report.
The concrete steps taken by New Delhi to boycott China suggest that it is not a fantasy to distance the Communist Party from national supply chains. “
A Pew Research poll published in April noted a record-high adversity among American respondents, including 62 percent against China, meaning 62 percent of Americans are hating China. That’s why Democrat Modi became the biggest global competitor for China.
The candidates for the presidency of both Republics are competing to oppose the blight.
Unlike the US, the opposition in our India, especially Rahul and Farooq Abdullah, are still strong spokespersons for Chana and his president.

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